Events | Hay Merino Sheep Show

Junior Judging

Individuals take part in judging 4 Merino ewes on a range of bases including conformation and wool quality just as they would if judging sheep in the show.

Their notes and scores are totalled and winners receive cash prizes along with gaining their name plate on the Don McNeill Perpetual Trophy. Hand crafted crooks are also awarded to winners.


We offer two age groups, under 12s for young stock men and women and 12 to 25 year olds for those who are up and coming in the industry.

Both age divisions see large numbers of competitors each year and the Junior Judging is always well supported.

Entry is $5 and all entries are taken with the Secretary on Show Day

Blade Shearing

Blades in hand competitors show off their talents on the main showing floor, head to head, in the Ian Munro Blade Shearing Competition.

Shearers are judged on cleanliness, time and overall quality of their fleeces and are awarded cash and prizes for coming out on top.

In past years the Hay Merino Sheep Show has been very fortunate to have top quality blade shearers Courtney Sutherland and John Dalla both compete in & judge the competition.

Entry is $5 and all entries are taken with the secretary on Show Day

Food & Drink

Local Hay community groups offer a range of breakfast and lunch items all day for your enjoyment.

All funds raised are retained by the local groups. Selections include bacon and egg rolls for breakfast, tea & coffee, soups, BBQ lunch items, sandwiches, slices, cakes and more.

Stalls and Exhibits

Over the years we've hosted many different exhibits which have included, shearing supplies, clothing and accessories, wool buyers, livestock agents, weighing and fencing equipment and much more.

Unfortunately we are not offering internal stall spaces at this time. External spaces are available and are free of charge (2019), to discuss please contact the Secretary.

Hay Ag & Pastoral Innovation Expo (2018)-

Members of the Hay Merino Sheep Show Committee are excited to announce the running of the first Ag & Pastoral Innovation Expo at Shear Outback on Friday March 9 and Saturday March 10.

The idea for the Expo came after members of the Committee attended a smaller technology field day at Gus and Kelly Whyte's property Wyndam Station at Pooncarie in September last year. The day was very well attended with a number of interesting exhibits including electronic tag ID equipment, drones, Weston fencing, remote water monitoring and property mapping.

Landholder Committee member Stacey Lugsdin said feedback from Gus Whyte's day prompted us to think we could run a bigger event here in Hay over two days with the aim to showcase current technology that is now available to pastoral landholders. We applied for some funding from Riverina Local Land Services Community Grants project and Meat and Livestock Australia and were lucky enough to secure funds from both organisations she said. We next started seeking support from local organisations and to date Shear Outback have agreed to support the Expo and will let us run the day in the paddock behind the caf.

We would like to hear from any organisation that wishes to be part of the day. Contact details can be found in the flyer. Bookings are already being received and include sheep handlers, drones, farm mapping software plus landholders can receive assistance with their farm biosecurity plans at the Riverina Local Land Services site. The day will start at Friday lunchtime, move into the evening for dinner and an auction and finish at Saturday lunchtime. As it is the start of the Victoria Labour Day weekend, it is hoped that the timing will suit the majority of landholders.

All proceeds from the day will go towards supporting an application for a new building to house the Hay Merino Sheep Show